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Gran Turismo, often called the Real Driving Simulation is probably the most realistic video racing game aver made. It is a very successful and highly praised series of racing simulation video games produced for the Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable gaming systems. All of the game editions simulate the performance and behavior of a enormous selection of vehicles, all of which are licensed reproductions of real life automobiles.

With more than 53 million copies been sold since 1997, the Gran Turismo has become the the most successful video racing series for PlayStation.

What makes the Gran Turismo series so popular is the graphics, the number of licensed vehicles, the extent and detail of simulation, and the ability to tune performance. Handling of the vehicles is modeled on real life driving vehicles, tuning is based on principles of physics, and the sound of the cars engines is based on recordings of the actual vehicles. The game has been a flagship for the PlayStation console's graphics capabilities, and is often used to demonstrate the system's potential and performance.

GT Game SeatThe game's creator and Polyphony Didital's CEO Kazunori Yamauchi, is the passionate inspiration behind this great video game racing sensation. Being a racing driver to his bone, Kazunori has recently helped design the technology for Nissan's new GT-R which appears in the latest game in his franchise, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. He was given a Nissan GT-R for his contribution.

On a video included with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Yamauchi remarked his favorite car design is the Ford GT and he owns two in real life.

In 2009, he joined in the Gazoo Racing team participating the SP8 class in race 8 of VLN with a Lexus IS-F held on Nџrburgring. He had a fastest lap and best in the team, and their team finished as class Champion.

Kazunori Yamauchi also was one of 4 drivers in the #96 Spoon Sports FD2 Civic Type-R during the 25 Hours Of Thunerhill which took place Dec. 5-6, 2009. The 25 Hours Of Thunerhill race was his first time driving in a US road course. The car place 7th in it's class, and 23rd position overall.

Gran Turismo has always been a leader in video game racing simulations. Ever since the first installment came to live in 1997. The game has changed the genre forever. No other video racing game offers greater number of fully licensed vehicles and track variations. No other gets even close to the GT's gameplay and physics.

All the previous editions did make an enormous difference in video game racing and with the latest (Gran Turismo 5) been delayed for a 3rd year now, the gamers expectations and tension have never been on a higher edge.

The racing cockpit simulator, no matter how comfortable and solid it is, is nothing without a good racing game. The same rule applies the other way round, but this is not the matter there. The truth is that the only way of getting the perfect race simulation is by combining the three elements: The game, The racing seat cockpit simulator and The wheel.

Gran Turismo is definitely the best one in the first section. OpenWheeler does the job in the second and Logitech's fine range of wheels completes the circle with the third element.

OpenWheeler has been especially designed and produced to meet the requirements of the markets leading steering wheel manufacturers. It is the perfect foundation for any of the Logitech's force feedback driving systems. And with the Logitech Gran Turismo Driving Force Edition the perfect GT simulation package becomes alive. This wheel was designed round the latest GT title to the very last detail in order to provide the ultimate steering control and perfect gameplay response. With its real time car settings changes and realistic force feedback effects, this 900 degree steering wheel is the absolute physical connection between the real car seat simulator and the real driving simulation.

OpenWheeler's solid design will never let the driver down. It has been made to sustain any body size and weight. It will never slip or crack. Racer's body is held in a perfect driving position with great comfort. Nothing compromises the ideal race line. Wheel and pedals are exactly where you want them. They never slide or move. Real race car precision in every detail and aspect. Drivers feel in a real open wheel cockpit. Not in the middle of the living room, but right there on the track. Unbelievable real life racing experience.

OpenWheeler and Gran Turismo simply satisfy that need for speed in everyone. A simulation so real, that sometimes paying for a race day in a real race car just becomes pointless. Unnecessary risk and expense.

Gran Turismo is also available for PlayStation Portable (PSP), but for a real GT experience OpenWheeler racing chair is the only way through.